Skateboarding Safety Gear

Skateboarding is a recreational sport as all age groups can enjoy it. But remember safety gear is a must while skateboarding. You need to have your safety gear on while skateboarding as it would keep your body away from injuries. Skateboarding if described in short is riding a wooden plank at topmost speed. It may be on roads, on vert, on ramps or in skate parks. This involves risk and slight loss in balance or carelessness would lead to injuries. So, it’s much better if you get your safety gear on while skateboarding.

Even the most experienced riders also get their safety kits on while skateboarding. It is one of the most important things for a skateboarder. You need to get a safety kit for yourself if you are going to learn skateboarding or practice it after school or college. Also, if you want to be a professional skateboarder and are planning to ride a skateboard on vert or ramps then the safety gear is a must for you as it would prevent you from getting wounds after falling while performing the hardest tricks.

As skateboarding involves performing tricks at high speed and is also a means of transportation, the safety gear is very much important as it helps prevent bruises, cuts and fractures. You can also get head injuries by car accidents or by falling down so the safety gear is must if you are a beginner.

So, if you are an expert or a beginner or a kid safety gear is the topmost priority if you are learning skateboarding or practising it.



One of the most important safety gears which protects you from head injuries in case of falling down or accidents is the Helmet. It is must if you are learning skateboard or practicing skateboard on roads and ramps. You need to choose a helmet that fits your head properly and tightly so that even if your fall the helmet does not get off your head and sticks to your head. Helmets are also used for filming skateboarding by mounting a GoPro on the top. Also, you need to take care of your helmet do not break it and replace it for every five years to prevent tear-off.


Shoes are required only to provide grip. You need to stick your foot to the deck of the board and it is only possible if you wear proper flat shoes which helps you to control your board and make turns easily. Most of the skateboarding shoes are flat shoes with strong durability and thick. This provides good grip and helps you have control on the board. Most people also ride skateboards barefooted but that would not help you have control of your board for longer time. Also wear socks while putting on your shoes so that the socks absorb the sweat and you might not feel the sweat which might loosen your grip.

Always try to buy the branded skateboarding shoes as the cheaper ones are not reliable and also not good enough for longer rides and heavy usage.

Knee Pads:

Knee pads, as the name itself, suggests they protect your knees from cuts, scrapes. You can also avoid fractures; friction burns and twists by using the knee pads. As suggested above always try to buy branded and quality knee pads for better usage and durability.

Elbow Pads:

Elbow pads do the same job for your elbows and prevent from cuts and injuries and also from joint injuries which are very much common while high-speed riding. They also help in preventing gravel burns. Wearing them while vert skating is strictly advised.

Wrist Guards:

Wrist guards help you prevent wrist fractures as when you fall you might unknowingly hurt your wrist. So, wrist guards are helpful in protecting your wrists and joint fractures while riding. Beginners must compulsorily wear wrist guards as they do not know how to fall off the skateboards and also it is must for people who fall on their hands more often than on their knees.

Full Body Leather Suit:

A full-body suit is advised for safety of other parts of your body except your head, knees and elbows. A full-body leather suit is advised to prevent you from cuts and wounds when you fall. Also, you can choose skateboarding clothing if you do not want a leather suit this helps you to get into proper skateboarding zone and practice skateboarding in a better way. You can wear long pants and long-sleeved shirts to look cool and also protect yourself.

Other Equipment:

Apart from these, you can also go for googles and shatterproof glasses for better vision and also for protecting yourself from sunlight and have a clear view. Shatterproof glasses are used in case if your fall the glasses do not break. You can also use gloves to protect your palm from wounds or cuts. You can also use shin guards and mouth guards to prevent mouth injuries and breaking tooth.

Need of Skateboards Safety Gear:

Skateboarding is a sport in which you ride a skateboard on harder surfaces where chances of getting an injury have the highest possibility. So, you need to be careful while riding on such surfaces and in order to do so you need to have your safety gear on. Which means you need to have a good helmet, good elbow and knee pads and also good pair of shoes to protect yourself from all kinds of fractures and injuries.

Also, you need to have your safety gear on while riding on the streets as the possibilities of accidents are more in a crowded place than in a non-crowded place. So, you need to have proper strong helmet stuck to your head and good shoes to have good grip on your skateboards.

Especially children below five years are not advised for skateboarding and children above five years must wear skateboarding equipment in order to excel in the sport without getting injuries.

The chances of getting an injury is more when you do not use proper equipment’s, if your skateboard is not in a good condition, if you ride on irregular surfaces instead of riding on hard and straight surfaces and also if you try to do tricks of expert level at beginner level there is nothing wrong in that but firstly you need to practice the tricks at beginner level then try the expert level tricks slowly getting your hands on the skateboard as directly attempting expert level tricks might be very hard for you as a beginner and also it would be very much difficult for you as a beginner.

Also never ride in traffic as there are high chances of you getting an head injury instead of performing a trick and also never practice on home-made ramps as they might be uneven and cause injuries.

How to Prevent Injuries?

You can prevent injuries by wearing proper safety gear as this is the topmost priority next you need to ride on hard and flat surfaces ignoring the irregular surfaces and also practice at skate parks and ramps instead of practising at home-made ramps.

Use a quality skateboard as using the Walmart or cheaper skateboard would just destroy whatever skateboarding you have learnt. These skateboards are good in the design but wear off too easily and not durable and strong enough to ride on them daily. Also, as a beginner it is advised to get a branded and a quality skateboard with good quality parts for better practice.

You need to ensure that your skateboard is in working order and do practice daily so that wheels do not jam or the bearings do not get jammed.

Learn skateboarding skills on YouTube or from your trainer practically as this would help you get proper understanding of how to ride or perform tricks on the skateboard.

Always Stay in Shape:

You need to do exercise after and before skateboarding as this is a good way to loosen your muscles as they become tight after heavy skating. You need to be considerate about other skateboarders and if the opposite person is less skilled or younger then you always try to teach him and also if he knows better than you then try to learn from him so that both of you can ride together and have fun.

Also do not wear headphones while skateboarding or do not put more than one person on skateboard as the skateboard might break. Every skateboard has its own weight capacity and anything more than that would break it easily. So only one person must ride his skateboard and practice it properly.

Also, the most important step is always practice in grass which makes you comfortable while falling and also learn how to fall while practising skateboard so that you do not hurt yourself more while falling. Many tutorials are available so you can watch them to get more information.


After you have bought your skateboarding safety gear go watch some tutorials and also have fun riding. Always remember there is no age for skating and you can enjoy it anywhere. You can also use skateboards for moving from one place to another or going to school from your home. But always wear safety gear to protect yourself from injuries and fractures. You can also watch some YouTube videos or get a tutor for better skateboarding lessons or learn from a professional skateboarder or your mom/dad who is into skateboarding as having a personal tutor would help you more than watching videos or studying about it. Also, remember to maintain your skateboard in a proper way and do not ride on water or sand as it might tear off your skateboard.

Keep practicing. Keep Skateboarding. Cheers!