Skateboard Parts – What You Need To Build Your Custom Skateboard

This is an overview of the parts you need to build a custom skateboard. Skateboards consist of many different parts. It’s not bad to have a little knowledge of these parts first and foremost if you are thinking about building your own one. Here is the list of all Skateboard parts you needed to build a custom skateboard.

Skateboard Deck

The main part is the deck which is usually made from North American maple. Most deck sizes vary from 7 to 10.5 inches in width and from 28 to 33 inches in length. These are the first main parameters, which influence the behavior of a skateboard. Another parameter is the wheelbase, which is the distance between the holes of the two truck mounting holes. More information on how to choose a proper deck and which parameters influence the skateboard can be found in the article “Skateboard Decks”.

Skateboard Trucks

The skate trucks, which are made from metal, are mounted on the bottom of the deck. Each truck is mounted with 4 screws. A truck consists of two parts, the baseplate and the hanger. The axles run through the hanger and come in different width. The width of the axles have a big influence on the performance of the skateboard an should be choosen according to the deck size. For further information take a look at the article “Skateboard Trucks” which provides you with all the information to make a decision.

Skateboard Wheels

Mostly, skateboard wheels are made from a composite material called Polyurethane. Polyurethane have different characteristics depending on the Durometer (hardness) and on the diameter (size). It depends much on the style you are going after. There are wheels which are most suitable for vert skating and other are more suited to technical street skaters. You can find a comprehensive overview of the influence of the different parameters on the final skatebaord in the article called “Skate Wheels”. This might be a good starting point to decide after which wheels you should go for.

Skateboard Bearings

Two skateboard bearings are mounted on each wheel. This makes a total of eight bearings. The bearings allow the wheels to spin. Bearings have an ABEC rating. This scale determines the precision of bearings but it’s not the only factor which is important to skateboarding. For further information on this topic go ahead and read the section “Skate Bearings”, where we will give some insight about this topic.

Skateboard Griptape

Griptape is needed to give you control over the board. Since you are steering your board with your feet and doing tricks, it’s essential that you have enough grip. Griptape is a sheet of paper with a surface similar to sandpaper. On the other site it’s sticky, so that you can paste it to the top of your deck. The most common color for Griptape is black, but it’s also available in many different other colors.

Skateboard Hardware

You need 8 bolts and nuts to mount your trucks. Usually, you choose between Allen Key and Phillips bolts to mount your trucks. Many say, Allen Key bolts last longer and are easier to hold when it comes to tightening the screws.

Now you know, what skateboard parts you need to assemble your custom skateboard. For detailed information, feel free to take a further look into each category, since there is much more information about the different skateboard parts in it.

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