What Is Longboarding? – Who Invented It and Complete History

What exactly is Longboarding?

In simple terms, longboarding is riding a longboard. If you are looking to learn what longboarding is, how to ride a longboard, and having any other longboarding related questions in mind, then you are in the right place. In this post, I am going to teach you everything you need to know about longboarding. So stay with me till the end.

Longboards are available in different sizes and shapes. Compared to skateboards, longboards have more life and are easy to learn. A typical longboard length varies from 90 cm to 150 cm (35.4 inches – 60 inches). They have more stability, durability more than skateboards. Also, the wheel size is large, and the wheel durometer is less than regular skateboards.

History of Longboarding.

As we all know, Longboarding started in the 1950s. The original idea was born in Hawaii by some surfers. They wanted to bring surfing from sea to land. Crazy idea, right? They wanted to surf even while going home. So, they started working on making new kinds of skateboards that are useful for transportation and to travel long distances. From that idea, the longboards evolved. But longboarding did not get much attraction till the 1990s. Longboarding lived on as an underground sport with home hobbyists continuing to make boards in their garages or strap trucks onto snowboard decks using old Kryptonic wheels from the 1970s or roller-skating wheels. In the early 1990s, Sector 9 started mass-producing and selling longboards. The 1990s new reverse kingpins in trucks made longboarding more stable.

Differences between Longboarding And Other Similar Sports

Longboarding vs. Skateboarding.

You may often get confused by not knowing the differences between the longboards and skateboards. Longboards are nothing but a long length skateboard. The real difference is longboards are longer, and they don’t have nose and tail, and on the other hand, skateboards are shorter compared to longboards and do have nose and tail to perform various tricks. Longboards are made for turning and cruising at top speed for longer distances. Of course, there are many other differences between longboards and skateboards. You can find all of them in this post dedicated to explaining the complete list of differences between longboards and skateboards.

Longboarding vs. Snowboarding.

At the base level, Longboarding and snowboarding are the same, but the significant differences are snowboarding requires you ride on an edge, and your feet are locked in. If you are an experienced long boarder, snowboarding is not hard at all to learn, but it needs some attention. You can find the detailed information in this post.

Longboarding vs. short boarding.

Again if you have some experience in longboarding, shortboarding is also very easy to learn, but shortboard has some specific advantages to longboarding, such as falling. I mean, if you fall from the longboard, the chances of getting hurt are very high compared to short boarding because there is all water. So the real similarity is balancing the boards. You’ll already know some balancing in longboarding means that shortboaridng should be easy.

What are Longboarding Uses?

You can use longboards for many purposes. You can use them for downhill racing, and you can use them for transportation and also for performing some tricks. Longboards are also used for cruising. But not only cruising, but longboards are also used for dancing and freestyle.

Longboarding World Records

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New record: Fastest skateboard speed achieved (standing) – 146.73 km/h (91.17 mph). Congratulations to Peter Connolly (UK) Peter’s breathtaking record attempt took place at L’Ultime Descente in Les Éboulements, Quebec, Canada – a gravity sports event. The event invites experts in skateboard, luge, in-line skates, gravity cars and gravity bikes to try and achieve the highest speeds. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀”Speed has always been a driving force in what makes me skate,” says Peter. “Since I first started skating downhill I have always enjoyed going fast and pushing my top speed.” “After attending L’Ultime Descente in 2016, purely to skate the fastest I ever had, I came away with a new goal: to come back in 2017 and set the world record. Skate Faster is my mantra and it relentlessly pushes me to achieve new speeds!” ____________________________________________________ #skateboarding #speed #speedy #downhill #downhillskateboarding #guinnessworldrecords #officiallyamazing #skateboarder #sk8

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  • Longest heel side: Rob Laing- 200 feet.
  • Longest toe side: Dylan Hepworth- 125 feet.
  • Longest switch toe side: Dylan Hepworth- 111 feet.
  • Overall Top Speed: Mischo Erban- 80.83 mph.
  • Slalom (100 Cones): Janis Kuzmins- 19.41 seconds.
  • Fastest Marathon: Kiefer Dixon- 1 hour 38 minutes.
  • Fastest Miles(Men): Kaspar Heinrici- 2:54.90
  • Fastest Miles (Women): Sidra Boyer- 3:30.00
  • Furthest Distance in 24 hours (Men): Rick Pronk- 313 miles.
  • Furthest Distance in 24 hours (Women): Saskia Tromp- 262 miles.
  • Longest journey by skateboard: Rob Thomson- 7555.25 miles.
  • Most Spins: Richy Carrasco- 142 spins.
  • Fastest downhill skater: Pete Connolly- 146.73 mph.
  • Fastest downhill skater (Female): Emily Pross- 135.00 km/h.

Longboarding legal terms

Longboarding terms are used to decide the decks, wheels, trucks, and other parts of longboards. Also, riding styles and techniques are confusing for beginners.

Longboarding Health Benefits

When it comes to longboarding, it is super fun irrespective of your age or experience, and anyone can try it. Not only longboarding but skateboarding also is a recreational sport as it has many positive effects on our body. Longboarding is so much fun that you can even ride a longboard when your muscles get tight.

Longboarding helps in:

  1. Cardio and improving the health of your heart.
  2. It helps you to lose fat.
  3. It strengthens your muscles.
  4. It increases the flexibility of your body.
  5. It helps to improve your body balance.
  6. It also improves your stamina, releases stress, increases self-confidence.
  7. It helps to get good sleep, strengthen your bones.

Longboarding in different weather conditions

There are no effects on longboards as far as longboarding is concerned, but the one thing you need to keep in mind while riding a longboard is that you need not ride it in water or sand. As water might tear off your deck, sand might tear off your grip tape so you might lose grip while riding.

What do you need to get started with Longboarding?

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Longboard deck:

Features of longboard decks:

  • Width:  7.5’-8.35’ or at least 7.5”.
  • Length: longer than 32 inches.
  • Wheelbase: 13”-15”.
  • Short EFP (Effective Foot Platform).
  • Rails: Three types of rails.
  • Rounded rails
  • Sharp rails.
  • Gas pedal rails.


The trucks are generally made of metal and are attached to the deck using screws. The trucks are T-shaped and placed beneath the deck. The longboard trucks have wider hangers. The most common trucks in longboards are of 150mm and 180 mm, and they also have reversed and inverted kingpins. For easy turning and maneuverability, the trucks have softer utherane bushings.

For much information, you can check out the buying guide here.


The wheels are made of polyutherane, and the hardness of the wheels is measured using a durometer. The hardness is measured on A scale on a rating of 1-100, and also some organizations measure the hardness on B scale on while 1 rating is equal to 20 points less than A scale.

54-59 MM DIAMETER Average size.Good for beginners.Suitable for vert ramps, street skaters.
60MM and Above For LongboardsOld school boards, downhill and dirt boards.It can be used on rough surfaces.

Other Materials

Bearing is also significant for your wheels as without bearings, and the wheels do not rotate. Buying bearings is not a more substantial task, all the bearing is the same, and the only thing you need to take care of is about the quality of the bearings. The higher the quality, the more expensive is the bearing.

The skateboard hardware which means the nuts, bolts, screws required to connect or assemble the parts to the deck of the skateboards. Allen’s head or Philips head screws can do the job. The grip tape is required to provide grip to the skater and the angle he places his foot and holds needed to perform tricks on the skateboards. The grip tapes are of the size 9” X 33”. It is made of sand-paper, and many types and designs of the grip tapes are made to make the skateboard look attractive.

These pads are placed between the truck and the deck of the skateboard to stop wheel bites, while bites are a phenomenon that occurs when the wheels touch skateboards deck when skateboard takes a turn and prevents the wheel from rotating.

½” RISER 1 1/2’” Hardware.
¼” RISER One ¼” Hardware.
1/8” RISER 1 1/8” Hardware.
No riser 7/8” to 1” hardware.

Longboarding Safety Equipment:

Safety is the foremost thing while riding a longboard or a skateboard. It would help if you had your helmet and full leather suit while riding a longboard. Also, you need to check the speed limit and ride slowly in busy streets. Along with helmet you need to wear shoes and knee pads, which are very much crucial while riding a longboard. Especially if you are riding downhill, you need to take much care as you ride at top speed.

Longboarding Facts Infographic

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How a Longboard Works?

Woking a longboard is not much complicated; it is the same as the regular skateboard. Longboards provide fast and stable rides compared to a skateboard. The wheels are softer and longer when compared to a skateboard. The larger wheels help you take sharp turns easily and ride comfortably. The deck of a longboard is long, so that riders have stability while riding. The softer wheels reduce vibration, which helps to cruise longboarder a safer ride.

Where To Get Complete Longboards?

Complete longboards are nothing but assembled longboards; in short, we can say readymade longboards. These longboards already contain all the parts attached and are ready to ride. Beginners can buy assembled longboards as they do not have any experience of building a skateboard. Also, assembled longboards save you money. You can buy the complete longboards online as well as offline. There are many great offline stores that give you the best-branded longboards in the market so you can visit them and get one for yourself. You can get the link to buy the best longboards here.

What are the best longboards?

Best Longboards mean that the longboards must be of a good brand, and the quality of the parts must be good so that they do not wear off even after heavy or rough usage. Also, the build quality of the board must be good enough so that even a beginner can ride it smoothly. You can have a look at the list of best longboard brands here.

Who Can Go For Longboarding?

        The best part about longboarding is that it is a recreational sport so that anyone can give a hand to it. No matter what age you are, what experience you have, you can go longboarding. Beginners feel longboarding easier than skateboarding as the decks are longer, and the wheels are much smoother than average skateboards.

Longboarding Rules:

Longboarding is a tough task such as riding downhill or cruising at higher speeds, dancing. So, you need to follow some rules and guidelines while longboarding.


  1. Skate in the street.
  2. Ride as you drive.
  3. Ride in groups.
  4. Ride bright colors.
  5. Ride beside lakes.
  6. Ride in parking lots or ramps or riding tracks.
  7. Wear helmets and protective gear while riding a longboard as safety goes first.
  8. Take care of your board as Maintenance is the key to safe riding.
  9. Take total control of your board while riding and ride your board in particular speed limits in traffic.


  1. Do not listen to music, or do not wear headphones while riding.
  2. Do not ride under someone else’s influence. Ride on your experience.
  3. You need not grab cars and hitch a ride as it is illegal and unsafe.
  4. Please do not leave your longboard anywhere on the street unattended, you need to carry it, or else you might lose it.
  5. It would help if you did not ride longboards in water or when it is wet, as it might cause damage to your skateboard.

 Different Types of Longboarding:

Longboarding is of four different types.


This style is almost the same as biking or jogging. Cruising around your town would be so much fun, but flexible longboards help you to ride at a good speed and carves.

Downhill riding:

One of the most dangerous styles of longboarding is downhill riding. Downhill riding needs the rider to ride a longboard at 60mph down the hill. Downhill riding is a combination of speed, drifting hand sliding, flipping. It is only suggested for experts and very dangerous to ride on roads. You need to wear helmets and leather suits while riding, and the longboards must be 70-80 mm long with a width of 50-70mm width.


Most of the riders use their bodies and feet to make some creative moves and try to stay balanced on the board.


Freestyle is one of the most popular styles of longboarding. It is all about kickflips, tiger claws, cross-steps, and about switching stances on board. This is the best style for beginners.


In freeride, you need to perform slides, spins, curbs, change slides, and drift without using your hand. It would help if you used slide gloves with plastic pucks for a comfortable balance on the road surface.


You can ride along with the city with your friends and also go to school on longboards as they have longer decks and smoother wheels, which are made for easy turns.


It is used to slow down, turn, and pump. It is also about taking turns and focusing on a particular direction.


It is all about speed. It also includes dodging obstacles while cruising.

How to Start Longboarding?

You can start longboarding anywhere you do not need any permission while longboarding. But you need to take care of the safety steps, do’s and don’ts while riding the longboards. Also, it would help if you chose which style you want to ride as a beginner longboarder. Once you decide your style, no one can stop you.

Longboarding suitable places:

Different styles of longboards are done in different locations. Such as downhill riding is done down the hill, whereas freestyle riding is done on roads, parks, and empty places. So concluding it, we can say that you can longboard at empty parks, streets with proper safety measures.

How To Maintain Longboards:

You need to manage your skateboard and treat it like your child and not break it. You need to protect it and take care of it as it might help you earn income one day. Also, if you want to become a better skateboarder, you need to take proper care of your skateboard. Please do not make your skateboard wet as it might cause wear and tear of the deck of the skateboard. You need to keep your skateboard clean and keep it away from mud and dirt as the grip tape might lose its grip if exposed more to mud or dirt.

Longboarding Tricks & Techniques:

Longboarding techniques help you ride longboards safely and also helps you to perform tricks on longboards. Here are some methods you can practice on your longboards.

Foot Braking:

One of the easiest tricks while longboarding. You can balance the longboard on one foot and stop the longboard with another foot. But you need to keep in mind that you need to slow down if you are riding at high speed as it is not recommended while riding at high speeds.

Slide Braking:

One of the best ways to stop your board while riding downhill. You need to turn sideways and then try to turn the board. It can be performed from both sides, but wearing hand gloves is compulsory when you are riding fast.

Air braking:

If you want to slow down your board ultimately, this might not be an effective method, but if you’re going to slow down your board you can use this method. It would help if you stood upright and stretch your hands, which improves resistance and helps you to stop the board.


This method is also used to stop your board during downhill riding. You need to lean your body right so that you make an S shape, which helps you to control your speed.


When you take a turn while downhill riding, your board seems to lose traction, which helps it to slow down, and your longboard might lose control while mid-turn.


It is the best way to avoid obstacles during longboarding.


It is just used for fun where skateboarder pushes the skateboarder with their legs.


If you want to gain momentum without turning and pushing, then you can use pumping.


It includes cross-steps and experience to do board waking. Also, you need to twist, hop, and jump while performing board waking.

Longboarding Games:

There are few games such as Extreme skater, Downhill Xtreme, which are available on the Google play store, and you can download them and have experience riding longboards virtually.


Now, as we are done with the article hope you have got complete knowledge about longboarding, and you are ready to ride it. But always remember to wear your safety gear and ride at particular speed limit to avoid accidents and ride safely.

Happy longboarding.