How to Ride a Skateboard?

Many people might be wondering is riding a skateboard an easy task or a difficult one? Riding a skateboard is very easy if you can balance the skateboard. It is so easy that you can learn to ride it in one day but with proper dedication and focus.

Skateboarding, no doubt, is one of the best sports. We can also say that skateboarding is a recreational sport. No matter which age group you belong to and what experience you have in skateboarding, you can always learn skateboarding and master it. There are many skateboarding tutorials and videos which you can watch to learn the basics of skateboarding and practice skateboarding on streets.

Most of the teenagers are into skateboarding, as it is a lot of fun riding along with friends and going around town and school on skateboards. Skateboarding is not only a sport but also a profession and passion for many teenagers out there. Skateboarding grew popular in the early 2000s, and now there are more than 2800 skateboarding parks all around the world.

The most popular style in skateboarding is freestyle. It is the most popular style among beginners. After freestyle, then came vert and street skateboarding, which became more popular among teenagers who wanted to perform tricks and show their skills to the audience. Tony Hawk made skateboarding so famous not only by exhibiting his skills all over the world but also by making video games on skateboarding. The games were a massive hit among people who liked skateboarding. Later, Rodney Mullen also took the initiative to spread skateboarding along with the world. Rodney Mullen was also one of the best skateboarders, and skateboarding has ever seen.

The necessary steps required to learn skateboarding are:

  1. Place your skateboard on grass so that even if you fall, you do not hurt yourself.
  2. Then place your foot on the skateboard and lean forwards.
  3. Now try jumping on your skateboard and leaning forward and backward.
  4. Then learn how to push the skateboard.
  5. How to make turns and curves.
  6. Now you can learn how to ride a fakie also.

Here are some simple tricks you need to understand when you want to ride a skateboard.

Prepare yourself to ride a skateboard:

Preparing yourself does not require any rocket science, preparing means you need to learn to balance yourself on a piece of deck.

  1. It would help if you controlled your board using your feet and keep the center of mass of your body in the middle of the board. Also, do not forget to wear safety equipment while riding a skateboard.
  2. You need to wear a helmet, safety pads, knee pads, and shoes. Wearing a full-body leather suit will also be helpful.
  3. Now you need to avoid crowdy places and get to empty parks, parking lots to practice and learn skateboarding. You may fear learning skateboard in front of people; that’s the reason you need to avoid crowdy areas. Also, you need more space to perform tricks and learn new skills, and crowdy places do not have proper space. So, they might cause inconvenience to you.
  4. The best part about learning any sport is that you need to get your basics right. If you have your fundamentals strong, then you can master any game.

Buying a Branded Skateboard

Whenever you go to buy a skateboard, always remember as a beginner, you need an assembled skateboard and a branded one as you do not have any experience in building one neither riding one. So, all you need to do is get a branded complete skateboard.

You can buy one online or get from any reputed offline store. But you need to understand the difference between the classic skateboards and longboards.

Classic skateboards are skateboards of 31 to 30” length, and they are usually to perform tricks and ride on streets and verts.

Longboards are cruising, and transportation boards mainly used for moving around the city and going to school. The length of longboard decks is larger than the classic skateboards, and the wheels are also bigger than the classic skateboards.

The beginner skateboards are cheaper than the standard skateboards. They can cost you around 50-150$.

You can get them at any offline skateboard shop but never buy a Walmart skateboard. They are tough to learn and also get off quickly. As a beginner, you need a sturdy skateboard, which is easy to learn, so get it to form any other offline store.

You can also check the buying guide of skateboards here.

Buying a Proper Safety Equipment

Once you are done buying a skateboard for yourself, you need to buy the safety equipment so that even if you fall, you need to be in a position to ride your skateboard again. And as I have mentioned, safety is the foremost thing to concentrate on while skateboarding. It would be best if you bought proper safety equipment, such as a helmet, knee pads, and full-body leather suit, elbow pads, which would be much helpful. Also, it would help if you bought shoes for a proper grip on your skateboard. To control your skateboard and stay on it, you need to have shoes. Shoes also help you to balance your skateboard and get a grip on it.

You can get skateboarding shoes from Vans, Airwalk, Converse, etc. the shoes are flat at the bottom and strong sides for perfect gripping on the skateboards.

Also, you need to understand that socks are very much important, so get running socks for yourself, your feet might get sweaty, and your socks are very much helpful in that situation.

Watch Some Videos and Get a Mentor

Once you are prepared with your skateboard and your skateboard, do not forget to check your skateboard and see that there are no scratches or there is no damage to the skateboard, and it is in perfect condition and ready for a ride. Check the wheels and bearings and the trucks whether the wheels are tight, bearings are good enough; trucks are correctly connected to the deck or not. You need to check all these before starting to ride.

After you have checked everything and are good to go, it’s good to have a tutor for yourself as a beginner you might not know everything about skateboards. So, please watch some videos on skateboarding, have a mentor, and learn from the videos, or it’s better to have a tutor who shows how skateboarding is done, and then you learn from him.

You can also learn skateboarding from your friends, so if your friends are into skateboarding or you know someone who does skateboarding, then it’s good to go to him and learn from him instead of learning it virtually or by yourself. You need some experience while starting.

Don’t Rush

                        You need not feel embarrassed about learning it for the first time as everyone starts it from scratch. You need not worry if you fall from your skateboard or if you are not able to do it the very first time, all you need to think is that it takes time, and all you need to do is to focus on learning it. You need to keep your confidence levels high and get up every time you fall and start practicing it again and again.                   

Riding Skateboard and Safety Measures to Follow

Riding a skateboard is easy if you master the basics and follow them every time you get on a skateboard.

You need to find a smooth and flat surface first to skate so that it helps you when you fall, and you do not get hurt. Starting with a flat surface is good as up-hill or down-hill, or curvy surfaces might be challenging to begin with. So, you can start on with grass, and firstly you need to learn to balance yourself on the skateboard. This will also help you to improve your accuracy and foot movements.

You should not expect that you can learn it in one day. It would help if you gave time. You can also improve by performing exercises that allow you to improve your flexibility and your reflexes.

The most important while learning any sport is you need to practice it every day so that you get better at it every day.

Standing on your skateboard:

You might notice that as soon as you place your foot on the skateboard, the deck slips off, and there are chances that you fall. Now to prevent that, you can put your skateboard on grass or carpet so that it provides you some grip to stand up on the skateboard. Now once you are good to stand on the skateboard now, you can try skating in the streets and stand on the board, and now you can bend your knees so that the center of mass of your body stays at the center and you can balance your body.

Riding Skateboard for the First Time:

You need to make sure that you practice skateboarding at least three times a weak. Here are some steps you can follow when you ride a skateboard for the first time.

  1. Run straight and think you are on a slippery surface as if you are on a slide.
  2. Now you can jump and land on the board, placing your foot forward, and this is the foot that you want to be ahead.
  3. Another method would be that you can ask your friend to give a push and then use your front foot to move forward.            
  4. You also need to get one stance or choose one either from regular or goofy.

The regular stance is the stance in which you stand with your right foot forward.

    The goofy stance is the stance in which you can stand with your left foot forward.          

Learn to Push, Stop and Turn


After you have learned to ride a skateboard now you can learn to push the skateboard. Here are the steps to follow when you want to push the skateboard:

  1. Put your front foot on the front trucks of the board.
  2. Push the board with the other foot.
  3. Now you need to place your back foot on the tail.
  4. Your front foot must be facing sideways.

Now you cannot place your foot every time you practice skateboarding, but you get it after practicing it for few days. Once you control your board then you are the boss.


There are two types of turns you need to practice on your skateboard, a kick turn, and a carving turn. A kick turn is much difficult, and you need to lift the front wheels of your skateboard by putting some pressure on the tail of your skateboard.

For carving turns you need to use weight of your body to move around. They might get difficult if the trucks of your board are tight, so you need to lose the trucks while making a carving turn. You can lean in the direction you want, and the board follows you.


Stopping isn’t recommended if you are at top speed of your ride. You need to control your skateboard if you want to slow down. The best way to stop your board is to use your back foot. All you need to do is drag the sole of shoes to slow down the board. You can do the same trick you did while starting your ride. This would help the board to slow down.

Riding Backwards

The easiest way to learn fakie is to ride on a ramp or a quarter pipe, but remember to learn a fakie you need to ride backward. All you need to do is ride straight and now move your head and shoulders to the direction you are moving. But your back foot still stays at the tail. Always remember never lean forward as you might fall. Always bend your knees and lean backward for better balancing.

Skateboarding Tricks







Coming to the end of the article as we are done with the steps for riding a skateboard but apart from these you can also learn riding switch and trying to ride a mini ramp, but before all these you need to understand that if you are not in shape you need to work out and get in shape so that you can balance yourself on the skateboard. Also remember to stay away from crowded places as there is less space and you cannot practice skateboarding there. It would help if you learned how to fall as jumping off a skateboard might hurt you more. Do the practice every day to master the sport.

Happy skateboarding. !