Electric Skateboards Buying Guide – You Must Read Before Buying New Electric Skateboard

If you are fed up riding standard skateboards, then you should try electric skateboards. Electric skateboards are best for moving around the city and going to your school. You cannot perform tricks on an electric skateboard but ride it in and around the town. Electric skateboards do not require any effort from the rider’s side. You need not push the skateboard as they move using a remote control or an app that helps the rider to control the speed or apply brakes. You can also monitor the speed using the app.

But before you need to ride an electric skateboard, you need to understand which brand and quality skateboard are best for you if you are a beginner or an expert. So, here is a buying guide for you, which will help you buy the best electric skateboard for you.

Before understanding the factors essential to buy an electric skateboard, let’s understand the need for an electric skateboard.

Need For an Electric Skateboard:

Electric skateboards are the best way to commute even if you are stuck in traffic. You can skate and move faster. The dual motors help you move faster and reach your destination quickly. They help you reduce fatigue and increase efficiency, and the most important part, it’s fun to ride with your legs on the board and moving around the city effortlessly.  Electric skateboards are lightweight compared to other boards, which helps you to pack them in your backpack and move on.

The most exciting part is they are the one way your contribution to saving the environment and move across problems and face them. 

Let’s discuss the factors that are most important while buying an electric skateboard.

Based On Your Level:

If you are a beginner, then buying an electric skateboard might be more difficult for you than a regular skateboard. While purchasing a standard skateboard, you need to take care of deck, truck, wheels, bearings, and hardware, but while buying an electric skateboard, you need to take care of the quality of motors and whether the skateboard is waterproof or not. An electric skateboard must have quality motors as it must be reliable and usable after heavy daily usage. It must be waterproof so that you can ride it in water/muddy water during rainy days.

For a beginner, it is tough to check all the items on the list, so it is better to buy an assembled one rather than assembling one by yourself. For purchasing the best electric skateboard, you can check the top 6 electric skateboards here.

If you are an intermediate skateboarder, then you have some experience in riding, and you know about the quality of battery and motors and the quality of parts used in the skateboard. So, you can get one if you are confident enough to assemble them, but you can get an assembled one as they are cheaper and would be kind enough to practice and become an expert.

If you are an expert skateboarder, then you have enough experience in riding and performing tricks on a skateboard. So, you can buy some quality parts from a skateboard shop and assemble them by yourself so that you enjoy skating with your friends.

Based On Your Style of Skateboarding:

There are different types of skateboarding. Some of them are freestyle, vert, kicktail, and many more. You need to understand which level and style of skateboarding you prefer. There are longboards for transportation, cruising boards for cruising, and electric skateboards for moving around the city effortlessly.

Let’s discuss some important parts required for an electric skateboard.

  1. Deck of the skateboard.
  2. Truck of the skateboard.
  3. Wheels.
  4. Electric motor.
  5. Water resistance.
  6. Bearings.

After you have decided on your style and level of skateboarding, it’s now time to understand some criteria to buy electric skateboards. So, let’s know some essential factors to buy an electric skateboard.

Some important factors before buying electric skateboards:

Brands of the skateboard:

It is crucial that you choose a branded electric skateboard. Buying cheaper electric skateboard is not at all suggested as they tear off very quickly, and the deck breaks after heavy usage or riding.  The trucks are not strong enough for smooth turns, and wheels give up easily after riding it continuously for a longer time. So, it is better you buy a branded one as you have a warranty on branded skateboards and also the parts are branded, which helps the rider to ride heavily, and the parts do not wear and tear even after daily and rough usage.

Customer support:

When you buy a skateboard, you need to know whether they provide customer support or not. Customer support is one of the most crucial factors to consider, as whenever you need to claim warranty or want to report an issue, you need to contact the customer support.

The lifespan of the skateboard:

You need to know the lifespan of the skateboard as if you want a skateboard to travel or roam around the city, then the lifespan of the skateboard must be useful so that you do not face any issues while riding it daily. If you want to perform tricks on your electric board, then you need to prefer a branded and costly electronic board so that it does not tear off easily.

Warranty of the skateboard:

The most important thing while buying an electric or any regular skateboard is the warranty of the skateboard. As in future, if you face any issues with the skateboard or the skateboard gets damaged, you claim warranty for the product and get the product replaced.

The maneuverability of the skateboard:

The maneuverability of the product includes its performance after buying. Whether it can take smooth turns or not? Whether it can hold the riders wait or not? Whether the trucks are reliable enough or not? All these factors are to be considered while buying an electric skateboard so that you do not face any issues after you get the product.

Apart from these, here are some other essential features you need to check while purchasing an electric skateboard.

Size of the board:

The very first factor to be considered while buying a skateboard, if you are a long guy then you need to check the size of the deck for better grip and footrest. If the board is shorter or uncomfortable, then you might have some issues while riding the board.

Size of decks:

Deck shape Height of person Shoe size
Full board Greater than 5’3” 9(US) or higher
Medium board Greater than 4’5” 7(US) or higher
Mini board Greater than 3’5” 4(US) or higher

Speed of the skateboard:

The electric skateboards are available in a single motor or a dual motor. Of course, dual motors give you more speed and help you ride uphill comfortably while single motors help you ride easily on plain surfaces. You need to get a dual motor if you ride uphill and also remember if the manufacturer has mentioned the speed, then it is of a new motor with a lightweight rider on it. The speed is calculated by the rider’s weight divided by the maximum rider weight as well as maximum power.

Battery life:

Now, once you know about dual and single motors, now you need to understand the battery life of the skateboard. The batteries must be good enough to last long, even after rough usage or long-distance travel. The battery must be durable and rechargeable so that you can charge it quickly and ride back again. The average battery life of a skateboard must be 7 to 10 miles per charge.


One of the most crucial parts of your electric skateboard is the wheels. The performance of the wheels is measured by the hardness of the wheels. The durometer is used to measure the hardness of the wheels. The more the rating, the better are the wheels. Along with the wheels the bearing is also given ABEC rating, which defines the durability of the bearings. So, while buying the wheels and bearings, you need to keep the durometer and ABEC ratings in mind.

54-59 MM DIAMETER Average size.Good for beginners.Suitable for vert ramps, street skaters.
60MM and AboveFor Longboards Old school boards, downhill and dirt boards.It can be used on rough surfaces.

Now while buying wheels, you also need to focus on the hardness of the wheels.The harder the wheel, the faster it is, or the more rpm it has. To measure the hardness of the wheels, you can use a durometer which rates the hardness of wheels on A scale of 1-100. Also, some organizations use the B scale, which has 20 points less than that of A scale, so if we measure 70 on A scale, then it is 50 on the B scale.

78a-87aFor smooth rides.Can be used in longboards, cruiser.It can be used on hills, rough surfaces.Soft wheels
88a-95aSlight harder and faster.Less grip.Used at streets, skate parks, pools, ramps.It is used on smooth surfaces.
96aa-99aGood for beginners practicing on the smooth surfaces
101a and aboveHard and fast.Less grip.Pro wheels.
83b-84bVery hard.As they are rated on b scale, they are harder compared to wheels rated on A scale.

Brakes and connectivity:

Once you are done with the wheels, now you need to know how to apply brakes and how to connect to the Bluetooth. You can use the user manual for better understanding and also join community forums to understand smaller issues. Not only that, you can always use your leg as an emergency brake while riding downhill or cruising.

Weight of the board:

Weight of the board is significant as you always need a lightweight board that you can carry anywhere and transport it. So always choose a lightweight board so that you can commute easily.

Water resistance:

You need to keep in mind that the board must be water resistance as an electric board if it is not water resistance then it might cause problems while moving through roads. So always keep in mind to buy a water-resistant board that would help your board be safe during rainy days.

Materials used:

Materials used in the board are very much necessary as they define strength of the board. You need to know if the board is built using bamboo or Maplewood. Usually bamboo boards are much durable and waterproof.

Maintaining your skateboard:

After you have bought your skateboard now you need to take care of your board so that you do not face any issues riding it. After every two or three rides you need to remove the wheels and clean with soapy water, dry them and then fix them to the board. After cleaning the wheels you need to grease the bearings so that the bearing is smooth, which helps taking sharp turns smoothly. Also keep a check on screws, and if they are placed good then you are good to go.


Once we are done assembling the hardware and the skateboard, we are ready to skateboard and perform skills and learn skateboarding. After you have assembled your skateboard, we need to follow the safety measures also and wear a knee-pad and helmet always while skateboarding. You might have a doubt that so and so is not wearing any safety gear and performing tricks, but you need to understand that he might be an expert in it, and he knows how to follow the safety measures while skateboarding.

Also, you need to maintain your skateboard and treat it like your child and not break it. You need to protect it and take care of it as it might help you earn income one day. Also, if you want to become a better skateboarder, you need to take proper care of your skateboard. Please do not make your skateboard wet as it might cause wear and tear of the deck of the skateboard. You need to keep your skateboard clean and keep it away from mud and dirt as the grip tape might lose its grip if exposed more to mud or dirt.

As you have read the whole article, enjoy skateboarding and let us know your experience on skateboarding and your views on it. Till then, keep skateboarding.


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