PS4 & PC Skateboarding Games List

Tony Hawk also made many skateboarding games for PC and PS4 users for entertainment and gave a chance to many skateboarders to get featured in the game, and many of them also agreed to that. He made Pro Skater 2, Pro Skater 3, Skater, Underground and many more.

of course, there are so many other companies made skateboarding video games possible.

Let’s dive into deep discussion…

Skateboarding undoubtedly is one of the best action sports in the modern era. Teenagers are very much interested in the sport. Nowadays, skateboarding is growing in a much faster way, and people are learning it to travel from one place to another place also. Not only performing tricks on a skateboard it is also used to commute from one place to another. Earlier freestyle skateboarding was so much popular, and people learned it only by practicing. But nowadays street skateboarding is growing rapidly, and teenagers are more into street skateboarding rather than into freestyle skateboarding.

Tony Hawk is one of the best skateboarders the sport has seen. He was the first one to land on a 900 safely and also the one who invented many skateboarding games for PS4 and PC players. He invented many skateboarding tricks that were very difficult to perform on vert or by any freestyle skateboarder.

Nyjah Huston is also one of the best skateboarders of the modern era. Nyjah Huston has won so many titles, getting the most number of titles won by any skateboarder ever. He is just 24, but the achievements he has got in the sport is almost equal to any skateboarding legend.

And whenever we talk about skateboarding, we cannot miss mentioning about Rodney Mullen, the Godfather of skateboarding, he is a freestyle skateboarding legend. The best skateboarder the sport has seen. He has invented so many freestyle tricks and was the very one to start the skateboarding revolution around the world. The sport has not seen anyone like Rodney Mullen, the ease with which he performed tricks was so addictive and comfort to watch him skate and the way he did was so exciting. He performs all the tricks with such ease but believes me they are so hard to perform as you need to have a proper body weight balance to perform such tricks.

Skateboarding Video Games List

Here is the list of some skateboarding video games for PS4 and on PC as well.

GameAvailability on PC/PS2/PS4Release YearSeriesRatingLink
  Pro Skater 3PS2, Xbox2001Tony Hawk’s4.3/5Read More
  Pro Skater 2PS2,PS4,PC,Xbox,Emulator2000Tony Hawk’s4.1/5Read More
  Tony Hawk’s UndergroundPS2,PS4,PC2003Tony Hawk’s3.5/5Read More
  SkatePS2,PS4,Emulator2007Skate4.3/5Read More
  Skate 2PS2,PS4,PC2009Skate4.1/5Read More
  Skate ItPS2, PC2008Skate4.6/5Read More
  Tony Hawk’s Underground 2PC2004Tony Hawk’s4.6/5Read More

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 3:

Pro Skater 3

Released in 2001, if you aren’t playing this game, then you are missing out a whole thing. The best sport on Play Station 2 is one of the most popular and one of the most played games on the play station. Since its release 15 years old this game has gained a lot of popularity and one of the best among all the other Pro Skater series. Many levels like Foundry, Skater Island, Cruise Ship along with characters like Darth Maul, Doom Guy, Demoness firstly appeared on Pro Skater 3.

So to play the game, you need a PS2, and then you are ready to perform tricks like Human Dirt Grind, Pizza Guy, or a 900 very easily.

If you do not have a PS2, then you can play the game on an ISO using an emulator or an Xbox or on PS3 with even higher graphics, but you do not get the full game.

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2:

Pro Skater 2

This game was ranked the second-best game of all time by Metacritic. You have a crazy cast of professional skateboarders along with the excellent skate mode, which makes time pass easily and makes the game addictive as it progresses. The music is unique, and it includes some famous bands like Millen Colin and Lagwagon with the Anthrax and Rage against the machine which constitute some excellent background and in-game music which gives feels of a live band playing around. You can also play the game on PC as well.

You can get the game on Walmart.

Tony Hawk’s Underground:


If you are planning to play a story based skateboarding game, then Underground is undoubtedly for you. This game raised standards of all the story-based games and became one of the most popular games of that time. This game is based on some high environments, including the street skating parks and also gives you the Area 51 experience.

If you have played any skateboarding games, then you might be familiar with the storyline and the addiction level of the games, but this game comes with an entirely different storyline and increases the addiction to a different level.

You can play this game on an emulator as well if you do not have a PS2.

Tony Hawk’s Underground 2:

Underground 2

Now if you have played Tony Hawk’s underground, then you might be familiar with the game’s background and the way it commences. You start the game as a solo skateboarder who learns how to skateboard and perform tricks on it. And as the game reaches the end, you meet Tony Hawk and Bam Merga on the World Destruction Tour. The tour also has this electronic music from Barcelona and Berlin. This game is also the same as the other skateboarding games and makes you a game addict when you start playing it. You can play the game on PC too.



If you are a pro skater player and you have managed the controls of the game well then, this game might be somewhat tricky for you to play. Tony Hawk’s Skate came with some original controls and some more organic in other words. It only had the right and left keys to perform tricks, and it was very challenging to learn for a Pro Skater player or a new player who has just started playing skateboarding games. While the storyline of the game was almost similar to Tony Hawk’s underground, talking about tricks performing an Ollie was very much tricky while playing only with the two buttons. But the best part of the game was the open nature of the game as you could go anywhere, learn any number of tricks, perform any number of skills, skate to the best spots and enjoy the game.

Skate 2:

Skate 2

This was an improvised and a better version of the Skate. It came with the all-new flick-it system beating all the other games in Tony Hawk’s series, and that made it somewhat different from all other games. It also has the dystopian storyline which made it different from the other skateboarding games. Many new challenges, tricks and contests were introduced in the game as well.

You can play the game on Xbox also, but if you do not own an Xbox, then you might need to go for the emulator version of the game.

OlliOlli 2:

Olli Olli 2

Releasing in 2015 this game was different from the earlier skateboarding games, and it also surpassed the Pro Skater and Skate. The difficulty level and the addiction level of the game exceeded all the other games, and there was an infinite number of tricks which players can perform and have fun doing them. It performed very well on 2D graphics. The game is so addictive as it had various challenges coming up randomly and would keep the player stuck to this monitor for hours surpassing each level and increasing the difficulty levels one by one. It just keeps you busy trying that one simple trick again and again till you succeed and once you succeed you celebrate it like an achievement the background music and the graphics of the game were perfect to be played on a 2D monitor. If you do not have a PS2/PS4/Xbox, then you can play the game on PC as well, and it would perform well at high graphics.

You can play the game an Xbox for 15$ or a PS4.


After some research, we found these games which got a massive response from the audience and these were one of the most played games on play station, and some of them were even ranked #1 and #2 by Metacritic. Other skateboarding games that we didn’t mention above are Pro Skater, Skate it, Skate or Die, Backyard Skateboarding etc. which were also fun to play and players enjoyed them as well. Hope you like the list, and if you have played any skateboarding games, you can share your experience with us.

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