List of 7 Best Skateboard Brands [Updated]

Are you looking to buy a skateboard but are confused between brands? Do you want to get the best skateboard brand but at a lower price? Are you confused about the brands and don’t know what to do? Then let’s have all your questions answered. In this article, you will get clear-cut information about all the brands and why to go for them.

Skateboarding is a great sport. It is colorful, joyful, and also has action. To sum up, everything I would like to say that skateboarding is a recreational sport and is an absolute pleasure to watch contestants perform and show their skills and the happiness they get when they get it right brings a smile on the viewer’s face too.

Skateboarding is not only a sport but also passion for many of the skateboarders. Many teenagers pursue skateboarding as a profession only because they enjoy skateboarding, and it is a lot of fun. They enjoy performing skills on the wooden deck and skating through the streets. Street skateboarding is one of the most popular styles of skateboarding other than freestyle and vert skateboarding.

Earlier freestyle skateboard was so famous and people use to practice skateboarding in skate parks, skate pools, and on-ramps. Rodney Mullen was one of the most popular and known skateboarders in the world. He is the Godfather of skateboarding and was given this title as he invented many freestyle skateboarding tricks. Rodney Mullen also exhibited and promoted freestyle skateboarding throughout the world by organizing camps and also made people aware of the safety precautions while skateboarding.

Nowadays, street skateboarding has gone into peaks, and every teenager out there practices street skateboarding in parks, streets, handrails, stairs, etc. Nyjah Houston is one of the most famous skateboarders, and as of 2016, he has won many competitions and championships that no skateboarder has ever one. He is one of the greatest skateboarders the sport has seen.

Buying a Skateboard

Coming to buying skateboards, buying skateboards for yourself is a tough task if you are a beginner. You need to understand whether you want to go for a complete skateboard or assemble on by yourself. If you’re going to get a skateboard in the budget, then you can go for a complete skateboard. If you’re going to get all branded parts for your skateboard and do not want to compromise on the quality of the skateboard irrespective of the budget then you can assemble one by yourself it does not take much time.

Buying a skateboard also depends on your skills and your level of skateboarding.

If you are an intermediate skateboarder and want to buy a skateboard, then you better go for a complete skateboard as they are suitable for practice and you can learn skills on them, and they are also available at a cheaper cost.

But if you are an intermediate or an expert, then you are quite aware of the skateboards, and you also have good knowledge about the brands and the quality of the product so you can assemble one by yourself and perform tricks using it.

Now while buying a complete skateboard, you need to know about the skateboard brands as getting a branded skateboard is more important than getting a cheap one as cheap one wears out more quickly and also break frequently. So, if you are planning to buy a complete skateboard, then you need to get a branded one. They are somewhat costly, but some of them are budget-friendly and are suitable for performing tricks. They are perfect for beginners and experts as well.

So, here is the list of some great skateboard brands people prefer while buying complete skateboards:

Brand NameFounded InRatingFounder
Element19924.0/5.0Johnny Schillereff
zero20163.0/5.0Jamie Thomas
Plan B19914.2/5.0Jackson Kontzer,
Brian Johnson,
Mike Turansky
Stephen Hill
Alien19903.5/5.0Chris Carter,
Neil Blender,
Mike Hill
Birdhouse19924.6/5.0Tony Hawk,
Per Welinder.

1. Element: An environment-friendly skateboard brand

  • Location: Irvine, California.
  • Logo: Tree.
  • Founded by: Johnny Schillereff in 1992.

One of the best skateboard brands and a well-recognized one element skateboards are the go-to option for any beginner skateboarder who wants to buy a good quality skateboard at some affordable prices. As this is one of the best skateboarding brands, you can expect good quality decks and trucks from the brand. They have a vast production, i.e. from decks, trucks to bearings, grip tapes, pivot cups, and the hardware required for your skateboards, they make and sell everything you need for a skateboard. They also have their merch which includes tees, hoodies to give the rider a sportsman look.


  1. They use thrift wood seven-ply for deck, also fiberglass, which makes the decks lightweight. With an extra thickness, which provides excellent flexibility.
  2. The boards have extra endurance provided by the helium lines that contain air, and they are lined up all along with the board.
  3. The graphics on the boards are quite fascinating, and every deck contains the brand name on it.
  4. The only disadvantage is the wooden deck comes out after some time due to daily usage.


The trucks are not satisfactory, and they can be replaced with other branded and good quality one.

Used by: Nyjah Houston, Nick Garcia, Brandon Westgate.

2. Zero Skateboards

  • Founded by: Jamie Thomas.
  • Located in: Carlsbad, CA.
  • Logo: Skull
  • Distributing partner: Dwindle distributions till 2016.
  • Independent from 2017.

One of the top brands in the skateboard industry. Their broads are known to offer excellent stability and great maneuver. They are specially made for beginners who want to practice new skills on their boards and learn tricks. They have also collaborated with professional skateboarders to understand the actual need of the skateboarder and give the skateboarders a right quality product. They are very famous for providing versatile products and stable boards for the riders.

The Deck:

The decks are of 8-inch in size, built with concave design increasing the stability for performing tricks and turns and are rider-friendly. The concave design also helps in transportation. They use seven-ply Canadian maple with epoxy glue to make the deck’s shock resistant. The decks have great graphics on them.

The Hardware:

They always use the original hardware for making the skateboards as they urge to understand every skateboarder need to get the best skateboard with the best hardware. They test the skateboards also so as the rider does not feel like changing the hardware from time to time.

The Trucks:

The trucks are made for better maneuverability and better turns. They are made up of high-quality material, and they provide excellent stability while performing tricks.

Used by: Chris Wimer, Dane Burman, Tommy Sandoval.

3. Plan B Skateboards

  • Founded by: Jackson Kontzer, Brian Johnson, Mike Turansky in 1991 later adopted by Colin McKay and Danny Way in 2005.
  • Located in: California, USA.

They deal with all the parts and accessories required in the skateboard and are also planning to make sports shoes, jumpers, jackets, etc.

The Deck:

The decks are concave in shape with seven plies of maple, which makes it flexible and very helpful when you jump or perform a trick on the board. They are also kind of shock absorbent due to the flexible nature.

The Wheels, Trucks and Hardware:

They have proper quality hardware and wheels attached to the boards, and the trucks are stronger enough to help a beginner learn skills. The strongest part of the board are the bearings.

The only disadvantage you feel is when you want to customize the board, and it gets somewhat costly.

Used by: Pat Duffy, Ryan Sheckler, Torey Pudwill, Leticia Bufoni.

4. Globe Skateboards:

  • Founded by: Founded in the 1980s later adopted by Peter and Stephen hill and now Matt Hill.
  • Located in: Melbourne, Los Angeles, Sydney, London, San Diego.

From being founded by a group of surfers, skateboarders globe international has become one of the most reputed and well-recognized skateboard manufacturing industry. It makes decks, trucks, wheels, and all the hardware parts required for a skateboard. They are known for producing the best skateboards which are reliable and are of high-quality. The products have some great designs along with some great features included in their products to make it unique from the rest of the skateboard manufacturing companies.

The Deck:

As the decks are produced in DSM factory, the decks are highly durable and resistant. Also, they include epoxy resin glue, so the decks are more robust and robust than the others available in the market. This also makes the deck lightweight and provides stability.

One of the disadvantages of the skateboards is the trucks need to be replaced as they are not up to the mark and you can get any other branded trucks and get it replaced at a lower cost.

 Used by: Paul Hart, Danny Leon, Sammy Montano, Ryan Decenzo, David Gonzalez.

5. Alien Workshop:

  • Founded by: Chris Carter, Neil Blender, Mike Hill in 1990.
  • Located in: Ohio.

They provide one of the industries best skateboards at affordable prices and not only beginners, but experts can also use these skateboards to practice skills and learn skateboarding. They provide one of the industry’s best skateboards with great graphics and designs at affordable prices. They also provide bearings and hardware required for your skateboard. So, to sum up, everything they are a brand providing an excellent range of quality and user-friendly products.

The Deck:

Made of seven-ply maple wood, the skateboards are lightweight and they are useful to perform ollies and learn new tricks. The decks have a laminated bottom and provide better stability. The decks are shock-resistant and do not wear out quickly every after some rough usage. For a beginner balancing this board would be an easy task, and if you are an expert, then performing tricks would be an easy task.

  • The bearings: The bearings have ABEC-3 rating.
  • Truck: The trucks are quite good and provide stability to the rider and help in balancing skateboard while performing tricks.
  • Innovative designs.

6. Punked Skateboards:

Located in: Chino, California.

The graphics and the design are what makes this brand different from other skateboarding brands. The graphics are the best thing about the brand; they are attractive and get your attention very quickly. Beginners as well as experts anyone can use the skateboard to perform tricks, and it is the perfect board to practice your skills and learn some new tricks.

The Deck:

Made up of nine ply maple wood the decks are strong enough and provide proper balance to riders. The decks are quite flexible, and you can balance on them easily while performing tricks. They are designed for smoother and cruising rides.

They design boards for smoother long-distance rides.

7. Birdhouse Skateboards:

  • Located in: US.
  • Founded by: Tony Hawk and Per Welinder in 1992.

The birdhouse is one of the best skateboard brands not only because it was founded by Tony Hawk and Per Welinder the best skateboarders of their time but also because of the reliability of the boards. They are also flexible, durable, and robust.

The Deck:

The decks are of medium concave shape, thus making the skateboards more stable and flexible. The lifespan of the deck is also good when you compare it with other decks.

The trucks and other hardware’s are also built in such a way that performing tricks is very easy, and any beginner would love to get hands-on this skateboard.


These were some of the best skateboarding brands that provide one of the best skateboards in the industry. These skateboards are quite expensive, but some of them are budget-friendly also. These have almost all the qualities required for a better skateboard which any beginner can use to learn and perform tricks. The only disadvantage might be the trucks, and you can get them replaced by any other brands yourself. Apart from these many different brands such as Girl skateboards, Blind Skateboards, Birdhouse Skateboards, Flip Skateboards are also quite popular and provide best quality skateboards at an affordable price. You can also check them out. Also, you need to use these skateboards properly as the wooden decks wear out after some rough usage and also the grip tape wears out if exposed to mud and dirt. So, you need to take proper precautions while skateboarding on the streets and take care of your skateboard.

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