Top 6 Best Longboards to Buy Right Now!

Do you want to buy the best longboard available in the market right now? Are you looking for some fantastic assembled longboards that help you commute easily from one place to others?

Don’t worry, we have got it covered for you. In this article, we have mentioned some fantastic assembled longboards that you can get right away and roam around the streets with your friends and have great fun with them.

Skateboarding has become the trend right now. It is one of the most popular sports right now. Most of the teenagers are into skateboarding as it is a lot of fun performing and showing tricks to the people. People also love to watch the tricks and are quite amazed by the way professional skateboarders perform tricks. Tony Hawk for the first-time exhibited skateboarding all around the world and was one of the best skateboarders the sport has ever seen. After Tony Hawk, Rodney Mullen took the initiative and was well known recognised skateboarder ever. Rodney Mullen was the first person to perform a 360 flip on the ramp.

Tony Hawk took skateboarding to another level by introducing video games and engaging people into skateboarding. Skateboarding grew a lot since it was started till now and nowadays teenagers are getting into skateboarding not only to perform some tricks but also it helps to commute from one place to another. That’s the primary purpose of longboards.

You can also use the longboards for carving or downhill riding. Many decks, trucks, and wheels are specially made or designed for downhill riding. Whether it may be a skateboard or a proper longboard balance and foot space of the rider is necessary, so you need to buy a deck that gives you adequate foot space and allows you to perform turns smoothly. You also need to keep in mind that all the parts of the longboard are of good quality and brand so that the longboards last longer and provide better performance.

Based On Your Level:

While buying a longboard you need to keep in mind that whether you need an assembled longboard or the one which you can assemble it by yourself and if you are confident enough on yourself that you can assemble one and have some prior experience in doing so then you can go for buying different parts of a longboard and then assemble it by yourself. But, if you are a beginner and do not know how to assemble a longboard and want to practice longboard, then you need to buy an assembled one and start practising on it.

But if you are an intermediate and you have some experience in riding longboards then you can buy a the parts of the longboards and assemble them by yourself, because when you do it by yourself you have that satisfaction that you have got a good board for yourself, and also you can perform tricks on your own rather than depending on anyone else. If you are an intermediate skateboarder, then you need to keep in mind that the assembled longboards are slightly less costly than the parts and you need to take proper care of your longboard.

Now, if you are an expert then you perfectly know which longboard to choose if you are going for an assembled one, but as most of the experts try and assemble their boards by themselves you can also do the same and as an expert you know about the brands and quality you can expect from them, so you need to take care while buying the deck or the truck or the wheels of the longboard.

Types of Longboards

HYBRID BOARDSTraditional longboards. Longer wheelbase for commuting and standing for a long time.
DANCING BOARDSCan efficiently perform fancy foot maneuvers.Loaded Bhangra and Loaded Taarab provide good riding experience because of their flex patterns.
CARVING BOARDSOffers high performance to riders.Top-mounted carving boards provides responsive turning.Drop-thru carving boards provide a comfortable ride and are very much used for pushing and commuting.
DOWNHILL/FREEBOARDS.As they are used for downhill rides, they are designed to provide stable rides.

Important Parts of a Longboard:

You need to keep in mind that you check these parts of the skateboard before buying it from a skate shop as these are the most important things to keep in mind while buying a skateboard:

  1. The deck of the longboard.
  2. The truck of the longboard.
  3. The wheels of the longboard.

The deck is the most crucial part of the longboard, so you need to keep in mind that while buying a complete longboard the deck is stronger and durable and of correct width perfectly suitable for your footrest and shoe size.

The truck is another essential thing to notice while getting a skateboard for yourself. As a longboarder, you are always looking forward to performing tricks, and the truck helps you do so, as it helps you to balance your longboard. You need to keep in mind that the truck width is the same as that of the deck and the hanger is correctly attached to the deck.

Now the other important thing to consider is the wheels of your longboard, and you need to keep in mind that the wheels are harder as the harder they are, the smoother they perform. Also, keep the diameter of the wheels in mind that are perfectly suitable for your board. You can measure the hardness of the wheels using the durometer.

For more details of buying a longboard, you can check this article.

Buying a Complete Longboard or Assembling It by Yourself?

This is the most often asked question asked by teenagers who are into skateboarding or want to learn skateboarding. They are confused about whether to buy a new complete skateboard or to assemble the skateboards by themselves. Skateboarding has always been a passion for new skateboarders, and they want to learn new tricks now and then and show it to people and perform them in competitions.

A complete skateboard is available at a lesser cost than the one which you will assemble by yourself. In a complete skateboard, you get all the parts from a brand and get it assembled, so all you need to do is ride it and perform tricks on it. But that is not the case while assembling a skateboard you need to take care of the quality of each material you use in the skateboard, whether it may be the hardware of the board or the deck of the skateboard.

You need to ensure that every part is of good quality and durable. The deck of the board must be strong as well as flexible, whereas the truck must be of the same width as of the deck and must be durable and rust-free. The wheels must be smoother and faster and durable. The bearings should have good ABEC rating.

Atom Drop through longboard 9 lbs. 4.541.7×4.7×10.6 Best for downhill racing.Suitable for low riding.Flexible
Quest super cruiser 6.9 lbs. 4.036x9x26.3 Durable.Easy to control.Flexible.Good quality bearing and wheels.
Rimable Drop through 8 lbs. 4.541×9.5 Reliable.Smooth and sped ride.Best cruising longboard.
Playshion Drop through Freestyle 7 lbs. 4.539×9.1×4 Good for beginners.Basic for experts.Lightweight
Sector 9 Bluewave Lookout Drop 8.6 lbs. 4.2        –   Safe rideCompact design.Great graphics.
Atom Pintail 7.2 lbs. 4.339x10x4 Good for beginners.Awesome graphics.Smooth
Ten Toes zed bamboo longboard 8 lbs. 4.644.1×9.4×5.1 High speed.Stable.In budget assembled longboard.Good for cruising.

Atom Drop Through Complete Longboard:

 Currently at a rating of 4.5 on Amazon Atom Drop through complete assembled longboard is one of the best longboards in the list. It is the longboard that every beginner should have and must have. It is an all in one longboard perfect for cruising and downhill racing.


  1. Deck: Full maple laminated 41-inches long.
  2. Wheels: made of utherane material.
  3. Bearings: ABEC-9 rated.
  4. Perfect for cruising and downhill riding.
  5. Offers great stability
  6. In spite of bigger deck size, it provides excellent stability and comfort to the rider
  7. It is highly versatile.
  8. The only disadvantage of the longboard is that it produces squeaking sounds while turning.

Quest Super Cruiser Longboard:

In the second place, we have quest super cruiser longboard. With a rating of 4.0 on Amazon quest super cruiser longboard is one of the best-assembled longboards. If you are looking for a budget longboard which could be affordable and complete all your needs then this could be the one you can get. It is a multi-ply flex artisan bamboo.


  1. Deck: multi-pie flex artesian bamboo 44 inches long.
  2. Trucks: 7-inch aluminium trucks.
  3. Wheels:  70mm polyutherane wheels.
  4. Hardness: 80A on a durometer.
  5. Bearings: ABEC
  6. Perfect for beginners
  7. Easy to carry as it is lightweight and perfect for turns.
  8. Gives a smoother and comfortable ride to the rider.
  9. Has excellent graphics which attracts people to have a look at it,
  10. Some disadvantages are that the bearings are slightly uncomfortable so young riders might find it challenging to ride at initial stages.

Rimable Drop Through Complete assembled longboard:

At no.3 we have rimable drop through complete longboard with a rating of 4.5 on Amazon. It is perfect if you want to enjoy your ride to school. You can maintain a constant speed while riding it and with the trucks and wheel you can also try some cool tricks and styles on it.


  1. Deck: 41” inch long.
  2. Wheels: 70mm polyutherane wheels.
  3. Truck: 7-inch aluminium truck.
  4. Bearings: ABEC-9 rating.
  5. The durable wheels help you ride even on terrains but get dirty fast.
  6. Wheels are made for smooth, speedy and long run so if by proper maintenance you can use them for a longer time.
  7. The best part is that the bearings do not tear out easily even after heavy usage.
  8.  You can easily manage turns safely.
  9. With sturdy deck you can cruise effortlessly on the board, and the 7-inch long truck keeps the longboard safe.

PlayShion Drop Through Freestyle assembled longboard:

Rated on 4.5 on Amazon by 423 customers it is the best freestyle longboard you can get at this price range.


  1. Deck: 39-inch. Constructed with 8-ply hardwood maple.
  2. Weight: It can withstand weight up to 250-lbs.
  3.  Truck: 7-inch aluminium with aluminium reverse kingpins.
  4. Wheels: 70 mm polyutherane wheels.
  5. Hardness: 78A durometer hardness.
  6. Easy to handle and carry as it is lightweight.
  7. You can use it for carving, cruising, downhill riding, freeriding, sliding.
  8. It is flexible and versatile.
  9. The only disadvantage is that the wheels aren’t rusting resistance, so you need to be careful while taking it into water.

Sector 9 Bluewave Lookout Drop Complete Longboard:

At number 5 we have Sector 9 Bluewave lookout drop longboard that has been rated 4.2 on Amazon by 163 customers. It is one of the best complete longboards you need to look out for.


  1. Deck: 42 inches long made of 5-ply laminated bamboo makes it suitable for downhill and carving.
  2. Trunk: 10-inch charger trucks.
  3. Wheels: 74 mm nine-ball wheels.
  4. Grip tapes used to reduce friction and thus to provide comfort for effortless turns.
  5. Perfect for downhill riders.
  6. Great graphics.

Ten Toes Board Emporium Zed Bamboo Longboard Skateboard Cruiser:

The best affordable longboard in the list. The longboard is rated 4.5 by almost 500 customers on Amazon and is one of the best complete longboards you will find at this price range. It gives you smooth and comfortable ride whenever you get on it, and everything about the longboard is so perfect it may be the size or the weight or the length of the longboard all sum up to make an ideal longboard for beginners.


  1. Deck:  44 inches long bamboo deck which is perfect for all kind of surfaces and terrains and also excellent for beginners.
  2. Truck: sturdy and robust aluminium truck
  3. Grip tape: 80AB grip tape provides excellent grip to the rider.
  4. Best for practising.
  5. Attractive and sleek design.
  6. Available in a lot of colour variants.
  7. The perfect ride for sunny weather.


These are the top 6 longboards that we found during our research. Hope you like them and any suggestions regarding the longboards are always welcome. You need to keep in mind that these longboards are listed in order of comfort, safety, graphics and the quality of the parts they use in them. Also, the most crucial factor budget is kept in mind while mentioning the longboards.

Apart from these, an essential thing any longboard or skateboard rider should keep in mind is that they need to ride the longboards carefully and take care of them properly. As riding the longboards in mud might tear out the grip tape and also riding it water might rust wheels as all the wheels are not rusted resistance. So along with buying an expensive and good longboard you need to maintain your longboard so that you can ride on it for longer time. Till then happy riding and ride safe.


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